Rubric 5 paragraph essay middle school

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Create Rubrics for your Project-Based Learning Activities Rubric ID: Find out how to make this rubric interactive "BASIC" 5 paragraph expository essay. CATEGORY 4-Exceeds Standard 3-Meets Standard 2-Almost at Standard 1-Below Standard Intoductory paragraph The introduction is inviting, states the main topic and previews.

Welcome to the official Stanford Prison Experiment website, which features extensive information about a classic psychology experiment that inspired an award-winning movie, New York Times bestseller, and documentary DVD.

Paragraph 5 (Conclusion paragraph) Revisit Hook. Restate Thesis. Conclusion/final sentence Expository Writing Rubric. A: Excellent. Has strong introduction and topic sentence. Presents a strong organization with valid examples and details.

Ends with a strong summary or conclusion 5 Paragraph Essay Rubric Author: Huff. The Andrew Jackson site has been retired from To find similar history and technology content on, explore our American Experience site.

Or, try our keyword search or browse the. Writing Mini-Lessons: Essay Organization and Planning “There’s no (one) way to outline But you should find some way of preseeing what you may write Most of the time my drafts collapse.

Rubric 5 paragraph essay middle school
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